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The Dancer Willow Tree® Figurine
The Dancer Willow Tree® Figurine
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The Dancer Willow Tree® Figurine
The Dancer Willow Tree ® Figurine by Susan Lordi.

Creative expression comes from within

The Dancer is about creativity. The sentiment refers to the fact that everything we create starts with a little idea and a many times we get these ideas in quiet moments of inner reflection. We are quick to reward action and work the process of doing. But a lot of creativity sparks from seemingly inactive moments, so it is important to daydream, imagine, and get excited about possibilities. It's about giving yourself permission to quietly sit and think these moments are to be valued. This piece celebrates creativity, in all its shapes and forms. The Dancer is unique in Willow Tree in that she is not hidden in a dress. I chose Body Movement as a universal expression of creativity because modern dance and ballet is what I watch to be inspired. It is sculpture in motion. I think it is one of the most beautiful ways of using the body to express emotion.